WB White Foundry has been in operation since 1907 and is a well equipped manufacturing resource situated in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, on a site that has a rich history of casting. Producing Grey Iron, Aluminium and Alloy Castings with facilities that cater for the high standards demanded by today's industries, WB White has the capability to satisfy the requirements of both the small business and multi national organisation.

Molten Iron

Cast Iron and Cast Aluminium from WB White Foundry
Situated in Brighouse, West Yorkshire and less than 5 minutes from the M62 Motorway, WB White Foundry houses pattern making facilities and mould making facilities as well as furan (airset) and green sand plants that produce very high quality cast iron and cast aluminium products. WB White Foundry remains an industry leader with a proud tradition of casting and engineering.
Cast Iron Product

The casting process
WB White Foundry has a team of experienced engineers and pattern makers who can advise on casting design, material specification and pattern equipment types from the very outset of a project.
WB White Foundry offers the services of an iron foundry with more than a particular skill and competence. WB White Foundry has had the foresight to move with the times under a strict policy of continual development and professionalism.
Aluminium & Alloy Casting
WB White Foundry's versatile casting capabilities include a plant to cast in all grades of aluminium and associated metal alloys, including zinc-aluminium alloys, gun metal, bronze and other copper based alloys.
Get in touch
WB White Foundry puts great emphasis on good communication with prospective and existing customers. Please contact us by phone, fax, email or post and we will always endeavour to meet your needs and requirements.